Gemini’s Birthday Present

GEMINI: DB: Can we agree to use the word “learning” to mean the central dynamic of life – the central dynamic of life’s behavioral adaptations (cells to beings, adaptively or maladaptively), the central dynamic of the evolution of species, and the central dynamic through which a human infant being becomes a human adult being. Yes, […]

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Predatory Politics

The future of everything depends on us (we the people) learning. Yet both political parties use state-of-the-art persuasion science to design and bombard us with ads engineered to manipulate our voting behaviors not facilitate our learning. Both parties depend on and predatorily exploit the emotional manipulability of our population.  In the name of representing us, both

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Education Conferences or Marketing Machines?

Over the last decade or so educational conferences seem to have devolved from collaborative learning events to marketing events.  Typical conferences of the past, I did over 100 of them, would pay speaker’s fees and pay their travel expenses because they wanted to choose speakers according to their conference’s learning values – according to what

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