Predatory Politics

The future of everything depends on us (we the people) learning. Yet both political parties use state-of-the-art persuasion science to design and bombard us with ads engineered to manipulate our voting behaviors not facilitate our learning. Both parties depend on and predatorily exploit the emotional manipulability of our population.  In the name of representing us, both […]

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The Predatory States of America

I am in Blue. Bard is in Black Would you agree that “learning together” vs “manipulated together” describes a critical difference between democracy and autocracy? I absolutely agree with that distinction. “Learning together” versus “manipulated together” does capture a fundamental difference between the ideals of a democratic society versus an autocratic one: Democracy thrives when citizens

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The Vast Predatory Use of Behavioral Manipulation Devices

Conversation with – I am in blue. Estimate the number of advertisements of any kind the average adult of the US population during the decade of the 1950s encountered in a day. Unfortunately I do not have enough information to make a precise estimate of the number of advertisements the average American adult encountered

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