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Nothing More Crucial Than Stewarding The HEALTH of Children’s Learning

Gemini’s Jewels: Learning shapes our perceptions, beliefs, values, behaviors, and ultimately our identity. It is the ongoing process through which we adapt, grow, and transform throughout our lives. Learning shapes our cognitive frameworks, values, and worldviews, which in turn influence our actions and choices. The depth and breadth of our learning directly correlate with our […]

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Urgent: AI needs AI Oversight

Re: Ai for the study and prevention of predatory Ai. Google’s Gemini Advanced said the following: The potential for AI to be intentionally biased to manipulate user behavior for profit is indeed a significant concern. In a world dominated by predatory AI, learning becomes a process of indoctrination rather than exploration, a means of manipulation

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Shared Learning

DB: Can we agree to use the word “learning” to mean the central dynamic of life – the central dynamic of life’s behavioral adaptations (cells to beings, adaptively or maladaptively), the central dynamic of the evolution of species, and the central dynamic through which a human infant being becomes a human adult being. GEMINI: Yes,

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The Learning Continuum

  Though many determinants enable and constrain our potential agency, within what’s not determined, learning determines our agency. The scope of learning is a continuum that includes the entire content of individual and collective human consciousness, the biological adapting implicit in the cellular behavior of living bodies, and everything in between.  I am in Blue.

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