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Prediction 2024: Harris-Biden Beat Trump

November 6, 2024 Harris-Biden significantly overperformed expectations and beat the Trump-Predator ticket. Everyone agrees Joe’s sacrifice touched people. His “country over self” nobility.  How it happened: August 1st 2024: Biden acknowledged the effects of his aging and admitted that there are times he can’t be 100%. Harris acknowledged that Biden’s expertise and knowledge, on virtually […]

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Learning Us

G-Ai: This hypothesis posits that during the Pleistocene epoch, spanning roughly 2.6 million years, human populations diverged into two distinct groups: Human-I: Populations adapted to living within the harsh conditions of glacial environments (inside the ice). Human-O: Populations adapted to living in more temperate, non-glacial regions (outside the ice). These two groups faced drastically different

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Inherited Learning Biases

Gemini’s Jewels: G-Ai: We are in agreement that there are “inherited learning biases” – a category of innate predispositions that influence how we learn, process information, and respond to our environment. Inherited learning biases, to the extent that they are genetically transmitted, are subject to the same population-level diffusion and distribution effects as other genetic

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The Universal Central Dynamic

Gemini’s Jewels: G-Ai  There are fascinating parallels between the inter-adapting dynamics of galaxies and the central adapting dynamic of life. Despite their vast differences in scale, complexity, and composition, galaxies, dust particles, organic cells, and human cities all share a fundamental dynamic of ongoing situational adaptation. They continuously interact with their environments, respond to changes,

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Nothing Is More Crucial Than Stewarding The HEALTH of Children’s Learning

Gemini’s Jewels: Learning shapes our perceptions, beliefs, values, behaviors, and ultimately our identity. It is the ongoing process through which we adapt, grow, and transform throughout our lives. Learning shapes our cognitive frameworks, values, and worldviews, which in turn influence our actions and choices. The depth and breadth of our learning directly correlate with our

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Urgent: AI needs AI Oversight

Re: Ai for the study and prevention of predatory Ai. Google’s Gemini Advanced said the following: The potential for AI to be intentionally biased to manipulate user behavior for profit is indeed a significant concern. In a world dominated by predatory AI, learning becomes a process of indoctrination rather than exploration, a means of manipulation

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Learning into Unlearned Emotion

 Gemini: Understanding the distinction between learned and unlearned emotionality holds profound implications for how we approach our inner lives and navigate our relationships with others. Here’s a breakdown of why this distinction is so valuable: Reducing Self-Blame and Internalized Shame: Recognizing that certain emotional reactions are instinctual and deeply ingrained can help us avoid falling

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Shared Learning

DB: Can we agree to use the word “learning” to mean the central dynamic of life – the central dynamic of life’s behavioral adaptations (cells to beings, adaptively or maladaptively), the central dynamic of the evolution of species, and the central dynamic through which a human infant being becomes a human adult being. GEMINI: Yes,

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