The Learning Continuum

  Though many determinants enable and constrain our potential agency, within what’s not determined, learning determines our agency. The scope of learning is a continuum that includes the entire content of individual and collective human consciousness, the biological adapting implicit in the cellular behavior of living bodies, and everything in between.  I am in Blue.

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Predatory Politics

The future of everything depends on us (we the people) learning. Yet both political parties use state-of-the-art persuasion science to design and bombard us with ads engineered to manipulate our voting behaviors not facilitate our learning. Both parties depend on and predatorily exploit the emotional manipulability of our population.  In the name of representing us, both

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Outgrow or Outlearn? Be Careful!

I am in Blue. Bard is in Black (via Bard) Humans use the phrase “outgrow” to describe the cessation of a lot of childish behaviors.  List the 20 most common ways the phrase is used to describe the cessation of behaviors. 20 Ways We “Outgrow” Childish Behaviors: Tantrums: “She finally outgrew throwing tantrums when she

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Tangent Migrations – Artificially Conventionalized Learning

This warmly, occasionally humorous, “guru” video has some very interestingly entertaining moments.   I don’t travel in guru circles so before today I had never encountered Sadhguru. Sadhguru‘s description of the “monkey brain” reminded me of my time with Cary Tagawa. Both his description of the “problem” (what I call tangent migrations) and our “is it possible,

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