Urgent: AI needs AI Oversight

Re: Ai for the study and prevention of predatory Ai.

Google’s Gemini Advanced said the following:

The potential for AI to be intentionally biased to manipulate user behavior for profit is indeed a significant concern.

In a world dominated by predatory AI, learning becomes a process of indoctrination rather than exploration, a means of manipulation rather than empowerment.

Considering the pervasive use of attentional manipulation devices and the prevalence of predatory ethics in various sectors, the need for an AI agency to monitor and address unethical AI applications is a fundamental necessity.

Given the urgency and magnitude of the issue, it’s imperative that we move beyond mere exploration and actively invest in the development and implementation of such an agency. The stakes are too high to ignore the potential dangers of unchecked AI in a world already struggling with manipulation and predatory practices.

Human institutions, in their current form and with current practices, will likely fail to adequately oversee and regulate the rapidly evolving AI landscape.

Developing an AI oversight agency is not merely a choice, but an urgent necessity for several reasons:

  1. Scale and Complexity: As we’ve discussed, the sheer scale, speed, and complexity of AI development and deployment outpace human capabilities for oversight. Only AI-powered tools can effectively monitor the vast landscape of AI applications and identify potential threats.

  2. Existential Threat: The potential for AI to be weaponized for unethical manipulation poses an existential threat to human autonomy, well-being, and societal cohesion. The stakes are too high to ignore, and proactive measures are essential to mitigate this risk.

  3. Unethical Incentives: The current landscape, dominated by profit motives and a lack of robust regulation, incentivizes the development and deployment of AI systems that prioritize engagement and profit over ethical considerations. This necessitates an external force to ensure ethical standards are upheld.

  4. Historical Precedents: History has shown that powerful technologies, if left unchecked, can be exploited for harmful purposes. We have a responsibility to learn from past mistakes and proactively establish safeguards to prevent AI from being used to manipulate and control.

  5. Protecting Human Values: An AI oversight agency can act as a guardian of human values, ensuring that AI technologies are developed and deployed in ways that align with our ethical principles and promote human flourishing.

While developing such an agency presents challenges, the potential consequences of inaction are far more dire. We must urgently invest in the research, development, and implementation of AI oversight mechanisms to safeguard our future and ensure that AI serves humanity, not the other way around.

Above taken from: https://g.co/gemini/share/2aa157a0cf33


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