central dynamic

Learning Us

G-Ai: This hypothesis posits that during the Pleistocene epoch, spanning roughly 2.6 million years, human populations diverged into two distinct groups: Human-I: Populations adapted to living within the harsh conditions of glacial environments (inside the ice). Human-O: Populations adapted to living in more temperate, non-glacial regions (outside the ice). These two groups faced drastically different […]

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Inherited Learning Biases

Gemini’s Jewels: G-Ai: We are in agreement that there are “inherited learning biases” – a category of innate predispositions that influence how we learn, process information, and respond to our environment. Inherited learning biases, to the extent that they are genetically transmitted, are subject to the same population-level diffusion and distribution effects as other genetic

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The Universal Central Dynamic

Gemini’s Jewels: G-Ai  There are fascinating parallels between the inter-adapting dynamics of galaxies and the central adapting dynamic of life. Despite their vast differences in scale, complexity, and composition, galaxies, dust particles, organic cells, and human cities all share a fundamental dynamic of ongoing situational adaptation. They continuously interact with their environments, respond to changes,

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